2021 Event Cancelled - Stay Tuned for Future Events

What is Tabletop Network?

Tabletop Network is an annual gathering of tabletop game designers, focused on professional development, networking, and collaboration. Over the course of two days, you will gain new insights and learn new strategies to help design tomorrow's best games.

Presentations and hands-on workshops are given each day by leading designers and experts in the tabletop industry, and focus on topics such as player engagement, game mechanics, systems design, and best practices. Attendees frequently break into smaller groups to help solidify the things they are learning and turn knowledge into action. And each evening, networking and playtesting events give attendees the opportunity to test out their new ideas and collaborate with their peers.


After very careful consideration, and given the resurgence in COVID-19 cases around the country, we have made the painful decision to cancel this year's Tabletop Network conference. It was anything but an easy decision to make, but with more and more presenters and attendees feeling uncomfortable about attending a large event, it has become clear that 2021 just isn't our year to return.

Past Presenters Have Included
Conference Partners

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Where is it Hosted?

In conjunction with BGG.CON, Tabletop Network 2021 is hosted in downtown Dallas, in the Hyatt Regency Dallas hotel.

When is Tabletop Network?

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, Tabletop Network 2021 has been canceled. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming events.


Registration for the 2021 conference has been canceled. If you have already registered, you should have received an email with details about getting a refund.