Presenter: Dominic Crapuchettes

Dominic Crapuchettes has been designing games for as long as he can remember. One of his early game designs, Kabloogi, got banned from 8th grade because over 20 of his classmates were consistently playing during class. He created an entire RPG system in high school where his final paper was a business plan for the game company he wanted to start. In 1997, Dominic won $15,000 playing Magic: The Gathering on a pro tour, and in 2001, he helped found the first game designer convention in the USA, Protospiel.


After high school, Dominic Crapuchettes captained an Alaskan salmon fishing boat for 12 seasons, but in his heart, he always wanted to start the board game company he had been dreaming about since high school. One stormy night, his boat took on enough water to submerge the batteries in the engine room. All of the electronics went dead, and Dom was forced to guide his boat home by the north star, he vowed that if he survived, he would stop fishing to follow his dreams. In 2003, he weighed anchor and started North Star Games.


Notable Games:


Upcoming games:



  • 2006 Mensa winner

  • 2006 Games Magazine Game of the Year

  • 2007 Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Winner

  • 2008 Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Winner

  • 2010 TAGIE - Rising Star Game Inventor of the Year

  • 2014 Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game Nominee