Presenter: John D. Clair

Enjoying sunshine and great people John lives in Los Angeles and designs board games all of the time, and does data analytics some of the time.  John’s game designs rage from light and silly to thinky and complex.  He is probably best known for inventing the Card Crafting System™ that is used in several of his designs, including Mystic Vale, Edge of Darkness, and Dead Reckoning. He has worked closely but not exclusively with AEG since first pitching them the card crafting concept in 2014.

In his spare time he continues obsessively designing and playing board games. When not gaming, he likes masquerading as an outdoorsman—hiking, biking, running, playing bad golf, and once-up-a-time, pretty decent baseball. Homeschooled as a youth, he likes to think he appears normal in public, and he somehow managed to marry a beautiful woman with whom he shares the fun and challenge of parenting two wonderful little kiddos.