Presenter: Jonathan Leistiko

Jonathan Leistiko has been involved in the board game industry in many roles: As a retailer-entrepreneur, convention manager, game developer, designer, and publisher. He’s designed and published over 120 free print-and-play games - they're posted at the Invisible City website: He also has design credits on three licensed games (via AEG and WizKids), two self-published games, and one iOS game.


Jonathan believes in good, deliberate design and fostering creativity. To support this, Jonathan founded and organized Protospiel South – the Austin, TX branch of Protospiel - from 2010 to 2015. He also encourages the use of games as learning and teaching tools. He's worked as an instructional designer and is always looking for opportunities to incorporate play into learning.


Jonathan also enjoys programming and prototyping with microprocessors, physical prototyping with the local makerspace's laser cutter, practical applied philosophy, data-driven web design, origami, playing the baritone ukulele, charitable activism, and making mozzarella from scratch.