Special Guest: Peter Olotka

Peter Olotka is best-known as one of the Cosmic Encounter designers. In their 1972 Universe game, players got to uniquely break the rules as Mind, Plant, Virus, Diplomat, Machine and Crystal. Today there are 197 aliens.

Olotka’s recipe for creativity is originality, decorated with humor, spiced with surprise, served up with accessibility, and memorialized as replayable.

Currently he juggles eight active projects with his Future Pastimes partners: Bill Eberle, Greg Olotka and Jack Reda along with Jack Kittredge of Eon Products.

In five decades of creative design he has contributed to over 60 published products for more than 70 clients and publishers. He partnered with his son Greg as ‘Creative Consultants’ for IBM, Ford, Liberty Science Center, Inventors Hall of Fame, Boston Museum of Science, EPCOT and many others. 

Olotka was Expedition Coordinator for The Beast of Loch Ness the NOVA production in Drumnadrochit, Scotland…. It’s real.