Presenter: R. Eric Reuss

Eric has been enjoying, modifying, and creating games of one sort or another his entire life: primarily board games and RPGs, but also LARPs, text adventures, and - back before the Internet got big - play-by-mail games.  He has fond memories of many of his early designs being overly ambitious, gloriously terrible, wonderfully creative, or all three.


He spent a number of years working as a programmer, but slowly gave that up in favor of board game design and being a househusband / stay-at-home dad.


His most ambitious completed projects to date include the board game Spirit Island (Greater Than Games, 2017) and ParanoiaFest (a once-a-year semi-live-action full-weekend multi-GM Paranoia RPG that ran for a decade or so). He hopes to top these in the future, but is no rush, as parenting has rather firmly taught him some lessons in patience, and interleaving smaller projects among the huge ones.


You can see above a small number of the many games he enjoys playing.